Tantra is a path for discovering our true nature. It is an accelerated path.  It is said that a Tantric practitioner, called a Tantrica, can awaken within one lifetime. As we walk the path we come to  recognize that we are Consciousness in form. Every moment is an opportunity to awaken fully. By accepting ourselves and what is arising in each moment without judgment, we are more present, joyful, and compassionate beings. We let go of fear and the need to try to be in control. As we awaken there is a recognition that we are one with all that is. The “self,” becomes a vehicle for experiencing the Earth-walk and we recognize that the “self” is not who we are. The experience of “no-self,” awakens us to the “Self,”  we are Universal Consciousness, God/Goddess, Spirit, Great Mystery, Buddha Mind, Christ Consciousness or however you want to label “All-that-is.”

The word “Tantra” is a Sanskrit word from India. Sanskrit is a very ancient language and some believe it was the first written language. “Tantra” has several meanings: to weave, expansion, and transformation. Tantra recognizes the divine play of  bliss and emptiness as Shakti and Shiva. Their dance mirrors the play of  duality and unity. Tantra is the awareness that the apparent chaotic forces of life are actually woven together  into one harmonious whole and only appear to be separate. This understanding allows us to learn to accept every moment as it is. When we are  challenged in accepting what is arising, we see it as opportunity to awaken, grow and expand.

In the twenty-first century, our lives tend to be fast-paced and complex. In order to cope, we tend to separate our life into boxes and focus on them as if they are separate from one another. The truth is all of life is connected and as we learn to feel that connection in every breath we take we experience life in a new way. While life may still have high and lows we learn to accept these oscillations as a a natural part of life, like the seasons. We learn to live in the flow of what is arising and move beyond the need to constantly judge ourselves, our choices and our experiences. We discover harmony, acceptance, and balance.

Tantra teaches us how to say “Yes” to the moment and to see the Divine in whatever is arising… even if it is painful or challenging. We learn to let go of trying to control the universe, which is an exhausting habit, and instead we open and trust that the abundance of the universe is supporting us in every moment. We begin to see ourselves as creators of our life experience and understand that we are not separate from the creative life force. We are gods and goddesses… not only do we begin to see ourselves in this way but we begin to see all beings as aspects of the Divine. As we gain this understanding, we have a deeper respect for all life. We are a part of the Divine Mystery that is unfolding in this moment. Life is a miracle. Our hearts expand and we experience more love, connection and passion for living.

Tantra is a spiritual path that believes all of life is sacred, including the human body. In fact, Tantra celebrates the body as a temple. As we learn to be more present in our bodies and open our senses, we begin to expand our awareness and discover that our bodies have the power and wisdom to inform us about of needs, wants, desires, and how to have them met in healthy ways. As we come to love and enjoy the body we also learn to see beyond the limitations of our form and recognize our true nature as Awareness. While many religions see the body as a barrier to spirit, Tantra sees it as a doorway. Sex is the doorway to life, it is how we are created. Sex can also be a doorway to communion with the Divine. Tantra is a broad path that includes our sexuality instead of denying it.  When we examine religion and spirituality at large, we find that most paths place restrictions on the body and on its expression as Divine in form. In particular sex and sensuality are often associated with evil which leads to sex being associated with shame, guilt and fear. Tantra teaches us that sexual energy is our life-force energy.

Tantra, teaches you how to access this life-force energy. We learn how to connect to it through the area at the base of our spines and channel it through the seven primary energy centers in our body which are called “Chakras.” Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel of light.” In Tantra, we explore the Chakras and learn how access the wisdom they contain. As we expand our knowledge and connection to our chakras we are more secure, able live with purpose, are open-hearted, can access inner guidance, and feel One-with-all-that-is.  In terms of our sexuality, Tantric practices help us open up and experience more ecstasy in our bodies. We learn how to contain our sexual energy rather than expelling it through a genital orgasm. We learn how we can be relaxed in high states of arousal and expand beyond what we previously thought was possible. These tools move us beyond mere sexual pleasure into the realm of spiritual awakening. We discover how to transform sexual energy into spiritual ecstasy. These practices help us to awaken our Consciousness and move us beyond the belief that we are this form and into the realms of  formless Awareness.  Eventually, we recognize that we have always been  fully Awake, we just didn’t see what was always there. As Conscious Awareness we  help other people to Awaken and recognize Truth.