Tantra Workshop in Sedona- From Sexual Union to Spiritual Communion

Saturday, August 28 – Sunday, August 29

Awakening the Ecstatic Body : From Sexual Union to Spiritual Communion

* Explore the masculine and feminine archetypes
* Transform old patterns and heal the shadow
* Embody your inner sage and share deep wisdom
* Practice self-inquiry and open to non-duality
* “Ride the Wave of Bliss”

In this experiential weekend workshop you will learn how to gracefully navigate the dance of polarities, heal the split between the masculine and feminine, practice self-inquiry and melt into ecstasy. Discover how your relationships can become a doorway into communion with the Divine. You will leave this weekend feeling more connected, present and aware with a tool kit for creating bliss in your life and relationships. This event is open to individuals and couples. There is no nudity in this class.

$300 per person / Sliding scale available
Register online at
or call 928-282-8511

For questions and more information contact Crystal Dawn at 928-282-5483