Tantra Tip of the Day- Practice the Quantum Light Breath

“The Quantum Light Breath is the most efficient process I have encountered to cleanse the soul and inspire creativity. I highly recommend it as a daily meditation.”

— Margot Anand,
Author and teacher of The Art of Everyday Ecstasy

What is Quantum Light Breath?
The Quantum Light Breath is a breathing meditation process that accelerates personal transformation by releasing withheld feelings and revealing unconscious programs. It is designed to take participants into an expanded state of consciousness and ultimately into blissful embodiment. Here, Universal Love is experienced as a natural reality, not as an unreachable concept, where there is a deep connection to the Universal Intelligence. Quantum Light Breath participants often describe “Satori,” or awakening experiences during the practice.

How Can I Experience Quantum Light Breath?
Listen to a recording made in 2005 with Richard Bock and the Quantum Light Breath Orchestra, this live recording is a powerful, profound, and transformative experience. With deep effective guidance, Richard facilitates an exploration of the healing power of the breath, combined with the deep vibrational sounds of the didgeridoo and toning, as well as flute, harmonium, Tibetan bells and bowls, drums, and other musical instruments. In an atmosphere of permission and direct experience, old belief and holding patterns can easily give way to reveal the radiance of our true nature.

To purchase this CD go to- https://www.quantumlightbreath.com/