Tantra Tip of the Day- Learn About Non-Duality

Our worldview is shaped by duality. We see Self/Other, Beginning/End, Male/Female, Living/Dead and Good/Evil all around us.

The wisdom we gain through practicing Tantra, meditation, and yoga as well as mystical experiences suggest these dichotomies are illusory.

Eastern mystics have long spoken of a single underlying reality called advaita, Brahman, the Tao, or Nirvana, from which all existence arises through consciousness. Nonduality is the philosophical and spiritual understanding that dualisms obscure a deeper reality of non-separation and fundamental oneness.

There was just a Science and Nonduality Conference in California last week.

Here is a page of great links about different non-dual teachers. https://nondualcomedy.wordpress.com/links/


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  1. Eleusis D
    Eleusis D says:

    'Illusory' 'delusion' 'unreal' – these terms catch my ear, have me wondering what exactly is able to discriminate or discern 'false'? The 'il' and 'de' are both supposed to modify 'lus' or light; 'real' of course, goes to royal, or first. How can a light or 'first' quality mislead?

    Doesn't this point to a fundamental innocence in play?

    Suffering is part of the experience of innocence, not a sign of 'downfall.' Before there was Xtianity to tell us of sin and redemption, there was the Law of Manu. Watch for its subtle, pernicious influence ~ which quietly pushes the agenda of authority. Even in Tantra.

    Ekarase Hum!

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