Tantra Tip of the Day – Leaping into the Void, Part 3

Stop, be still and allow awareness of Awareness. When all thoughts stop, even for a moment, you awaken and discover that Truth as your essential nature. (This is paraphrased from a teaching by Gangaji.)

I have been very still the past few days. I have not been on the computer or doing much of anything. I have been meditating on Awareness and allowing myself to stay connected to it. My consciousness has shifted away from concerns and thoughts, towards being present with what is arising. I notice my ego is very uncomfortable with not doing and has been badgering me to stop being still. I know I am entering a new stage of awareness. I see my ego reacting as I approach a leap in consciousness.

Thoughts come and go but Awareness always is. I have contemplated this before but now I am exploring it at a deeper level and seeing how temporary thoughts are and yet how years of believing in them makes it challenging to just watch them without reacting. My ego has been filling my mind with thoughts and fears about the future. I have been dancing the razor’s edge switching my attention from Awareness to thoughts and back to Awareness.

Because of years of conditioning it is easy to be seduced by the thoughts and fears. Money issues are up and some big changes are in order. I am allowing myself to be in the stillness even as the turbulent thoughts flow through me. I have never been this present in watching my thoughts before. I am allowing the unfolding and being as still as I can while moving through my life. More to be revealed…

Today notice your thoughts arise and pass away. Be aware of that they are temporary. Become aware of the Awareness that always is. If fear arises see if you can watch it without getting caught in believing in it.

C) Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved.

Photo by Andy Goldsworthy