Crystal's Interview -Becoming Multi-Orgasmic! (Part Two)

Crystal’s Interview with Dr Patty Taylor on the Expanded Love Making Podcast Part 2

Episode 125: Becoming Multi-Orgasmic! (Part Two): Dr. Patti talks to Crystal Dawn Morris, Tantra Teacher, Healer and Coach

Listen in as Crystal Dawn Morris shares about enhancing your multi-orgasmic potential through Tantra. What does Crystal teach men and women to do as a routine part of learning this skill? Why is emotional clearing so important, and exactly what types of trauma can affect your sexuality? How can you clear that these energies? How does a woman develop her capacity to be multi-orgasmic? Why is containing energy so important? What is the role of relaxation? What does being multi-orgasmic look like for men? How long does it take to learn this capability? Does being orgasmic contribute to the world being a better place? How does being in good communication with your partner fuel your desire? Another really fun and informative show with Crystal! Visit her website at