Monde Ose Brings SkyDancing Tantra to Montreal

July 20-22, 2012
Discover the Magic of SkyDancing Tantra in Montreal

Awakening the Ecstatic Body : Opening the Path to Bliss

Friday Night Puja 7-10 pm

Saturday 9:30 AM – 9:30 PM Sunday 10 AM-6 PM

  • Open Your inner Flute
  • Explore and Attune Your Chakras
  • Expand Your Ability to Tap into Bliss
  • Learn to Communicate Your Desires Effectively
  • Experience a Heart-Opening Tantric Puja

By the end of the weekend you will feel an expanded flow of energy, awareness, and ecstasy throughout your being. You will leave this weekend with tools to create a more joyful, pleasure-filled, awakened life. This weekend is open to individuals and couples. There is no nudity in this class.

$300 per person / $500 per couple Pre-registration required, please include your phone number.

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Tantra Teacher Training in Montreal, Canada

July 20-25, 2012, The Art and Business of Teaching Tantra in Montreal, Canada

Module 1- Stepping onto the Path

•    Attend  Awakening the Ecstatic Body: Opening the Path to Bliss

•    Teach the practices covered in the weekend workshop.

•     Do a self assessment to evaluate your strengths and weakness.

•    Meet your “Inner Master Teacher.”

•    Create a personal mission statement.

•    Identify who you will be teaching when you return home.

•    Guidance will be provided around launching your new businesses.

Following the weekend, we will examine the content, dynamics and flow of the workshop.  Informed by this knowledge, you will  teach the material covered in the weekend. Within a supportive environment you will evaluate  your presentation skills.  Between modules you will be required to teach and implement the information covered.Certification will be granted to those who have completed all modules and requirements successfully.

Pre-registration required, please include your phone number.  Cost $1500 per module $4500 for full training.

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