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The Tantra Tip of the Day – Be Inspired by Art and Beauty

Today, I was walking around in Uptown Sedona and as I passed by the Visions Gallery several paintings of Asian women opened my heart and made it sing. This artist truly understands the essence of Feminine Light. These paintings oozed with energy, passion and power. I want inside the gallery and found several more paintings by the same artist, that dazzled me to the point I spent $100 on a book of her work. I learned that her name is Jia Lu and she grew up in China during the Cultural Revolution. Please check out her website and her You Tube Video.

Today allow yourself to be inspired by beauty. Visit an art gallery museum or some other beautiful place. Let is open your heart and inspire you to create more beauty in the world in your own unique way. Write a poem, draw a picture, sing a song. Beauty has the ability to open us to God. May each of us be inspired and opened up by beauty everyday.
(C) Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved

Tantra Tip of the Day- Beauty in Unexpected Places

Take some time today to discover beauty in unexpected places. Shift your perspective from small to vast. Imagine looking at something through the eyes of an ant, a dog, a bird, a baby, a mountain, a visitor from another galaxy, or the moon. Notice how a shift in your perception can change your relationship to whether you evaluate something as ugly, neutral or beautiful. What is beauty? Play with your perception. How much beauty is there around you that you miss, because you are too busy thinking and doing to see it?

(C)Copyright 2009 Crystal Dawn Morris

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