Tantra Tip of the Day – Enjoy the Journey

Life is a journey, if your attention is primarily focused on getting to a particular destination you will miss out on all beauty and magic that happens along the way. Enjoy life as it unfolds, instead of waiting to get somewhere so you can be happy. As a seasoned traveler you are able to adapt to changing conditions along the road of life. If you discover that you got on the wrong train or missed your flight, instead of panicking, you enjoy the unexpected detour. A detour may guide you to discovering new sites you never imagined existed. Surrender to each moment and enjoy this human adventure.

Tantra Tip of the Day – Facing Fear, Finding Freedom

Fear is a monster that can eat us alive. As long as we run from it, hid from it or deny it, fear controls us. Once we turn and face our fear and feel it fully, it quickly loses its power and dissipates like smoke. We discover that our nightmare was just that, a bad dream. By waking up, we see that fear is our mind creating demons from thoughts of past and future. By choosing to face our fears and tell the truth about our situation we arrive in the present moment and discover freedom is just being in the Now, with an open heart.

Are you ready to face your fear and set yourself free? Stop, turn and face the demon that has been chasing you. Look it in the eye and see the truth of the situation. Accept what is so and allow yourself to let go. Enter the spaciousness of this moment and see what you notice?

C)Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved.

Tantra Tip of the Day- Connect with the Body’s Wisdom

A wonderful way to begin the day is to connect with your body and see what wisdom it has to share with you. I suggest seating in a quiet place with your hands in your lap. Breathe and relax, let go of past and future. Focus your awareness on your hands; they may begin to feel warm or slightly energized. Then allow the feeling of aliveness in your hands to spread, filling as much of your body as happens easily. Notice if one part of your body is holding more energy or more tension than the rest of your body. Allow your attention to rest in this part your body. Slowly allow this part of your body to share its wisdom with you. What knowledge does it carry? What gift does it have for you today? How can you benefit from this wisdom? Is there anything else you need to know?

(C)Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved.

Tantra Tip of the Day- Namaste’

Namaste is a Sanskrit greeting, which means I see the Divine in you as a mirror for the divine in myself. We use this greeting in Tantra at the beginning of a ritual. It is called a Heart Salutation; sitting or standing across from your partner bring your hands together in the prayer position pointed towards the Earth, inhale inform the Earth as you raise your hands to your heart, with a soft gaze and an open heart, look into each other’s eyes, as you bow, exhale, acknowledge the Divine in your partner as a mirror of the Divine in yourself, inhale, and exhale your hands back you the Earth.

As you move through your day look into peoples eyes and say,”Namaste,” either aloud or silently and see if you can experience the Divine within them. This practice can also be done with animals, trees, rocks, mountains or anything else, as we are all Divine Consciousness in form. Notice how this practice makes you feel? Connected. Alive. Silly. Alone. Present. Or…

C)Copyright 2009,Crystal Dawn Morris,all rights reserved.
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Tantra Tip of the Day – Fresh Eyes

Let go of what you know, with fresh eyes see the Truth that is always here. Breathe it into your heart and expand into emptiness. It is the simplest things that make us joyful.