Tantra Teacher Training, Mentorship and Certification

Begin a New Career in 2010
The Art and Business of Teaching Tantra Certification Program

• A unique “Mentoring for Success Program”
• Effective resources for dynamic Tantra workshops
• A graceful transition into the role of teacher
• Tools to sensitively navigate coaching sessions
• Marketing skills that generate interest and income

This training is designed to be flexible, join at any time, take modules in any sequence, complete all 3 Modules for certification.

Taught in three one-week modules:
Module 2- May 21-27
Module 3- August 27-September 2
Module 1- January 27-February 3
Module 2- May 26-June 2
Module 3- September 29- October 6

Pay in Full and Save $1000
This comprehensive 9-month training includes 3 weeks of training, training materials, 9 conferences calls, accommodations and 2 meals/day. This program is designed to create successful Tantra teachers and coaches. The cost of this all-inclusive residential intensive is $6995. Course is limited to 16 people, insuring individual attention. Payment plans a are available on an individual basis, please inquire. It is held at a beautiful retreat center in Sedona, AZ

After completing this training you will:
1. Be able to teach evening, one-day and two-day Tantra events.
2. Coach individuals and couples.
3. Know 4 ways to grow your Tantra community.
4. Begin writing a blog that can attract new students and clients.
5. Learn 3 ways your website can generate income.
6. Receive phone and email support to help you succeed as a Tantra Teacher.
7. Have a clear vision of successfully teaching Tantra in your community.

Call: 928-282-5483
More info at:

“If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master something, teach it.” Yogi Bhajan

The Tantra Tip of the Day – Be Inspired by Art and Beauty

Today, I was walking around in Uptown Sedona and as I passed by the Visions Gallery several paintings of Asian women opened my heart and made it sing. This artist truly understands the essence of Feminine Light. These paintings oozed with energy, passion and power. I want inside the gallery and found several more paintings by the same artist, that dazzled me to the point I spent $100 on a book of her work. I learned that her name is Jia Lu and she grew up in China during the Cultural Revolution. Please check out her website and her You Tube Video.

Today allow yourself to be inspired by beauty. Visit an art gallery museum or some other beautiful place. Let is open your heart and inspire you to create more beauty in the world in your own unique way. Write a poem, draw a picture, sing a song. Beauty has the ability to open us to God. May each of us be inspired and opened up by beauty everyday.
(C) Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved