Recent SSSEX Testimonials

Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience Testimonials 

Why take a 6 day workshop that provides a spiritual, sexual, shamanic experience and training,  anyway?

Why not when it has these:

Dedicated and Knowledgeable Leaders and Staff

A polished curriculum

A comfortable, rural – safe beautiful learning space

Fellow participants with their own skills, knowledges, competencies, attributes, technics and learnings to share

Healthy – love-infused, fresh food every day

Dancing – Dancing – Dancing

Hugging – Hugging – Hugging and More

Opening My Heart to a new – Magnificent Love Intelligence

Releasing My Soul from shadow-self bondage

Opening My Chakras

Sacred – Sincere – Sensual Touch

Anointed Passion and Pleasure


This is why I attended and this is what I received.  Because of this workshop I have been Transformed.

Jump Up

William Plikaitis