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Tantra for Awakening January Newsletter

Happy 2010! I hope the new year is treating you well. I have been blessed with a new grandson, Zev Elijah. I spent 3 weeks with him and his parents in Atlanta. Holding him and looking into his eyes made me wonder what the world will be like when he becomes an adult.

There is a lot of fear and suffering on the planet right now. Tantra teaches us how to quiet the monkey mind and recognize our true nature as Consciousness beyond form. We learn to appreciate being a human even when we are faced with challenges. We discover the suffering is a choice. When we let go of our attachment to outcome we suddenly are free.

Humanity is under going a major shift in consciousness at this time. It requires us to be mindful and not collapse into fear or victim hood. We need be present, stay connected and surrender into flow of what is arising. I look forward to the journey. I hope that the world we leave of grandchildren will be one that is based on love, respect, sustainability and diversity.

Crystal Dawn