OneTantra a New Tantra Vision and Community

A couple of weeks ago I told you about OneTantra, an amazing, new, online community that gives you to access to Tantra friends, groups and teachers. There were some technical problems that prevented people from being able to register. The have now been ironed out. They are offering some extra gifts as downloads to make up for any inconvenience you may have had.

I got involved because I believe OneTantra is about creating an ecstatic world. I will be facilitating several groups there, including a group about SkyDancing Tantra and a group about David Deida’s Sexual Yoga.

OneTantra is an online community that’s sort of a Learning Annex-meets-Facebook-in-TantraLand community. You can meet people there, both nearby or far away, who share your interest in Tantra. Looking for someone to practice with? This is a great place to find them, because it is a community of people who love Tantra and want to share it with others.

OneTantra is a place where you can study Tantra with a variety of great teachers. It is a place where you can ask questions, learn new practices and find like-minded others. I am on the faculty and will be teaching classes there next year.

Please come and explore this new Tantra Vision. Be a part of the Shift to higher consciousness. I’ll see you there. When you join look for me and become my friend. I will be happy to help you get oriented to the site.

Because I’m one of the founding members, I was able to get you the first month free. Just go to my link here:

Love and Light,
Crystal Dawn Morris
S.E.A.L. Team Member

You’ll also get the OneTantra Manifesto for free as well. Check it out!

If you decide to join, you will receive even more free gifts!

PS. Once again, go check it out here: