Kundalini Massage with Crystal Dawn

Friday, Feb.19,2010
I had a great time teaching the Phoenix Tantra Meetup Group my Kundalini Massage. I created this practice with my friend Gaia at the request of Margot Anand for her advanced Love and Ecstasy Training. This powerful technique activates the chakras and awakens the life force energy that is stored at the base of the spine. The evening was very relaxing and enjoyable. After I demonstrated the practice on Sunil, everyone had a chance to both give and receive the Kundalini Massage. By the end of the night we were all blissed out.

Here are some unsolicited comments about the Kundalini Massage with Crystal Dawn.

“ Crystal and Sunil, are wonderful, sensitive people, who truly care about all that is happening around them, they are gentle in their teaching style and allow all to progress at their own rate. Very beautiful! ” Todd

“ Crystal presented a wonderful way to share and relieve tensions. Glad I went tho I was exhausted. ” Shannon

“ Crystal has connected well with our group and is able to provide experiential teachings that work for newbies and do not bore those of us who have been around tantra for quite a while. Pat and I had a great time! ” Daniel

“ Crystal was great walking us through slowly to learn the basics of Kundalini Massage. It will be exciting to try this out side the class setting. ” Curt

“ It was great. Crystal is fantastic leader ” Kirk


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  1. godrealized
    godrealized says:

    More on kundalini shakti… its miraculous powers… how dominating kundalini shakti human beings finally gained success in life… reached stage of enlightenment (kaivalya jnana) in the end!

    The practice of kundalini shakti… awakening kundalini energy is necessitated for realizing full potential of human beings! The awakening of kundalini becomes possible by practicing absolute celibacy!

  2. Crystal Dawn
    Crystal Dawn says:

    Thanks Godrealized for your comment. I respect your path of celibacy. My first kundalini experience happened while I was making love. The serpent energy shot from my sacrum out my crown and I merged with the universe and experienced utter bliss. That happened in 1988. It was the beginning of my explorations into Tantra.

  3. Traci
    Traci says:

    Crystal Dawn shared a kundalini massage sequence that likely took many inspired "love" hours for her and Gaia to create. Crystal has shown herself over the years to be a dedicated tantrika, generously sharing from her heart. I connect with her shamanic background, and see Crystal Dawn as an Earth Mama Angel. I feel fortunate to have her in our small worldwide tantric community!

  4. godrealized
    godrealized says:

    Crystal… when I started in search of God 13 years of age… I did not believe in tantra ever! After reading about tantra in detail… I have to admit that unknowingly I practised tantra for about three months in the initial stages of my spiritual pursuit!. It was really a very refreshing experience then. The exact details of my practice I shall disclose at the opportune moment!

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