Highlights of the Dance of Shakti and Shiva Weekend- 2/14/09

Last weekend I co-facilitated, with Michael Pooley, a workshop called the Dance of Shakti and Shiva: Creating Harmonious Relationships. Friday night we introduced the workshop with a fun process called the Yin and Yang Line Dance. It was open to the public and lots of laughter arose as participants took turns exploring their relationship to masculine and feminine through dance.

Saturday was a day of exploration. It is a gift to watch the light bulbs go off as participants gained new insights about their inner man and inner woman. The approach was fun and experiential, you learn by having your own process. Rather than having an idea about what your inner woman might look like, think, do or say you get to meet her and have a dialog with her and your inner man as well. Saturday night there was a powerful ritual that gave very one an opportunity to practice the art of giving and receiving.

Sunday was a day of healing and transformation, which included expressing and witnessing withheld emotions about the opposite gender. The weekend ended with an amazing Heart Wave meditation done in dyads. This practice is based on ancient Tibetan Buddhist practice. It allows you to melt into your partner and feel the Divine. Our time together was so rich it was hard to leave after the closing circle ended.

I look forward to offering this again next year. I would love bring my classes to your community. https://www.tantraforawakening.com