Crystal's Interview on the Expanded Love Making Podcast

Listen to my Interview with Dr Patty Taylor on the Expanded Lovmaking Podcast
“Awakening the Full Body Orgasm”

Episode 124: Awakening to Full Body Orgasm (Part One): Dr. Patti talks to Crystal Dawn Morris, Tantric Teacher, Healer and Coach

Listen in as Dr. Patti and Crystal explore Tantra – a spiritual path that celebrates the body as a temple – and where our life force energy is our sexual energy. Listen to Crystal’s own journey of kundalini awakening through lovemaking. Discover how to access this kundalini energy and channel it through the energy centers in your body.

Find out how this ability leads to the awakening of your body’s capacity to experience full body orgasm – and what you can do to create full body orgasms for yourself!

Crystal Dawn Morris is a Certified SkyDancing Tantra Teacher, healer, and coach. Learn more about Crystal at

Visiting David Deida Land- The San Diego Event

I just returned from San Diego where I attended a weekend workshop with David Deida. It was the culmination of a year of in-depth study of his work which I have been doing, which included being part of an on-line group. I had a great time. It was wonderful to meet in-person some of the people I had been connecting with in David’s online group which was called The Deida Connection.

My intention for the weekend was to keep my heart open under all conditions and that did happen. The group was large over 200 people in attendance. I could feel the depth of the group. David seemed open and relaxed. This was my second time attending a weekend. While the material was mostly the same, over all I enjoyed the experience. I am sorry I was not able to attend the week-long training as I would love to dive deeper and explore more of what David calls “Third Stage” relationships. Over-all it was a good weekend.

To learn more about David Deida go to

Tantra Tip of the Day- Learn About Non-Duality

Our worldview is shaped by duality. We see Self/Other, Beginning/End, Male/Female, Living/Dead and Good/Evil all around us.

The wisdom we gain through practicing Tantra, meditation, and yoga as well as mystical experiences suggest these dichotomies are illusory.

Eastern mystics have long spoken of a single underlying reality called advaita, Brahman, the Tao, or Nirvana, from which all existence arises through consciousness. Nonduality is the philosophical and spiritual understanding that dualisms obscure a deeper reality of non-separation and fundamental oneness.

There was just a Science and Nonduality Conference in California last week.

Here is a page of great links about different non-dual teachers.

Tantra for Awakening October Newsletter

Learn what’s happening at Tantra for Awakening in October.

A Special Invitation to Check out OneTantra

Have you heard about It’s an exciting new online Tantra community that I am involved in. I will be facilitating several groups there, including a group about SkyDancing Tantra and a group about David Deida’s work.

OneTantra is an online community that’s part social learning community for people who are interested in Tantra, and part meet-and-greet social media community. A sort of a Learning Annex-meets-Facebook-in-Tantra Land community.

Are you longing for Tantra community? OneTantra is a place where you can both study Tantra with a variety of great teachers and find Tantra friends. It is a place where you can ask questions, learn new practices and meet like minded others.

Because I’m one of the founding members, I was able to get you the first month free. Just go to my link here:

You’ll get the One Tantra Manifesto for free as well. Check it out!

If you decide to join, you will receive even more free gifts!

Love and Light,

Crstal Dawn Morris

PS. Once again, go check it out here:

Adopt a clitoris and help to make history

Following the announcement made by Dr Foldes, OBGYN in France, stating that women and children of all ages who have suffered the atrocities of clitoral excision, or female genital mutilation the equivalent of male castration in its barbarity, now have the possibility to regain sexual pleasure and be whole once again, thanks to medical advances and scientific progress. Rael, the spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement decided to help as many women as possible to regain their sense of pleasure and founded Clitoraid, a private non-profit organization with the aim to sponsor those women who want to have their clitoris rebuilt.

Considering the huge number of Burkinabe women who are candidates to be operated on and as Clitoraid received offer from a few doctors to travel to Bobo Dioulasso and help rebuild the clitoris of all the circumcised women, the Prophet Rael declared: “Instead of using Clitoraid’s collected money to operate on just a few women, we should create the first Raelian Hospital, the “Pleasure Hospital”, and operate on all African women, for free, with the help of Raelian or non-Raelian benevolent doctor”.

The planned facility should be built in Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso. It will be composed mainly of one operation room and two additional rooms. We will need about $70,000 to build and equip it. We will keep you posted on the construction plans in the Hospital section.

It is a crime against humanity that today, in this so called enlightened 21st century, women in under-developed countries are subjected by force to participate in the sex trades, are denied common freedoms as we know and enjoy in the west, and in certain cultures, are slaves to barbaric practices such as clitoral mutilation in the name of religion and, moreover, male dominance. We can all help. we can support our sisters, and Adopt a Clitoris!

Also, if you want to organize fundraisers in your community, contact us and we will provide you with hints and as much help as we can.

Tantra Tip of the Day- Sexual Healing Talk by Michael Brown
Here is a quote from Michael’s book called the Prsence Process

Present moment awareness is not a concept; it is an experience. It is an effortless way of Being that is the birthright of every human in this world. Entering it now is an inevitable consequence of our accelerating evolution. Its invitation is here, now, for all willing to receive its blessings. It calls to every one of us in a silent voice that says, “Stop! There is nowhere to go and nothing to do, but there is everything to be.” This is the invitation, this is the journey, and this is the gift The Presence Process makes possible.

So what is present moment awareness? It is a state of Being in which we effortlessly integrate the authentic and Divine Presence that we are with each God-given moment that we are in so that we are able to respond consciously to every experience we are having. By accomplishing this, our response is always the same: gratitude – a flow of gratitude that washes us of all our illusions. Entering such a state may sound hard and complicated when we are living in time. It is, however, effortless and completely natural because present moment awareness is our birthright. It is the kingdom of awareness through whose gates the prodigal children return. The hard part has been attempting to find what we did not know we had lost. The best part is realizing that we have been looking for something that has already found us.

Try this: Take moments today and allow yourself to focus your attention on pesent moment awareness, the emptiness, instead of what is happening in it. See if you can experience awareness itself, rather than awareness of “something.” Once you discover awareness as separate from things, you are on the path of discovering your true nature.

ASEP Conference

ASEP, stands for the Association of Sexual Energy Professionals. They just had their third conference in Phoenix, Sept.11-14. I was only able to attend Saturday’s sessions. The morning presentations focused on the legal issues that can affect some people working in the profession and ways to minimize prosecution. Clearly we need to educate people about the importance and benefits of our work and get the laws rewritten so sexual healing and education are not confused with prostitution.

In the afternoon session there was a presentation on Quodoushka’s level of orgasm. I appreciated how Q uses the different elements to describe orgasms. This was followed by a panel discussion on about how to define orgasm, the benefits of it and the need for research on it. I found the panel to be diverse and knowledgeable. This was my first conference and I will be returning next year for the whole program.
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