Crystal’s Upcoming Events in Oct 2017 – May 2018

Oct. 20-22, 2017  Sedona, AZ

Women Healing Women 1: Reclaiming Our Sexual Radiance

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Nov. 13-19, 2017  Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada  


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Jan 17-21, 2018  Boulder, CO

5 days of Tantra

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Feb. 26- Mar 5, 2018  Pahoa, Big Island, HI  


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April 16-23, 2018  Oracle, AZ


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May18-20, 2018  Sedona, AZ

Women Healing Women 1: Reclaiming Our Sexual Radiance

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Women Healing Women 2 Pleasure Retreat in Sedona

May 19-21, 2017 at a private retreat in Sedona, AZ.

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Join Crystal Dawn Morris and Cheryl Good, co-founders and teachers of the Women Healing Women, as we gather in sacred female space to dive into a weekend pleasure retreat and discover the Spiritual Path of Feminine Pleasure.

This 2.5 day retreat is about YOU: you expanding into and celebrating YOUR unique spiritual path of pleasure. During our weekend, you will experience how our feminine bodies are uniquely designed to generate pleasure in a way that is life affirming and life changing.You will begin a new relationship to your pleasure through ritual, dance, meditation, energetic dialogue and group process.

As the energy of pleasure moves through your brain, heart, belly and yoni you will be your biggest, brightest ,most creative, spiritual, loving self. When you embrace your pleasure as a daily practice , the rest of your world naturally moves with you to create more feeling good and practical magic ensues!!!
Our weekend will take place in a luxurious private home in Sedona at the foot of Thunder Mountain. Pleasure surprises await you throughout the weekend: think hot tubbing under the Sedona stars, raw cacao delicacies, foot massages and more that will be revealed throughout our time together.

You are eligible to attend this weekend if you have completed Women Healing Women: Reclaiming Our Sexual Radiance Weekend or by permission of Cheryl Good or Crystal Dawn Morris.
Retreat is female only, and meals are not included. Yummy snacks are included! Overnight lodging is optional and is”glamping” (indoor camping). Location provided upon registration.

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The Magic of Tantra Weekend Workshops 2016 -2017

May 6-8, 2016 The Magic of Tantra: Essential Explorations of Love and Freedom

Phoenix, AZ

Oct.21-23, 2016 The Magic of Tantra: The Full Body Orgasm and Beyond

Sedona, AZ 

Mar 17-19, 2017 The Magic of Tantra: The Dance of Masculine and Feminine

Sedona, AZ                 

Recent SSSEX Testimonials

Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience Testimonials 

Why take a 6 day workshop that provides a spiritual, sexual, shamanic experience and training,  anyway?

Why not when it has these:

Dedicated and Knowledgeable Leaders and Staff

A polished curriculum

A comfortable, rural – safe beautiful learning space

Fellow participants with their own skills, knowledges, competencies, attributes, technics and learnings to share

Healthy – love-infused, fresh food every day

Dancing – Dancing – Dancing

Hugging – Hugging – Hugging and More

Opening My Heart to a new – Magnificent Love Intelligence

Releasing My Soul from shadow-self bondage

Opening My Chakras

Sacred – Sincere – Sensual Touch

Anointed Passion and Pleasure


This is why I attended and this is what I received.  Because of this workshop I have been Transformed.

Jump Up

William Plikaitis


The BLISS Meditation Challenge

Presence is the sense I-Am or I Exist. It is the space in which all experiences arise. All appearances are made of Presence-Energy. Energy is another word for vibration. Thoughts are made of Presence-Energy. Every thought vibrates with a specific frequency. The higher the frequency of the thought the better you feel while thinking it.

The purpose of this practice is to discover that you can shape how you experience reality by harnessing the vibration of your thoughts. Simply focus on and stay aligned with positive high vibration thoughts and discover that you have the power to positively shape your reality by consciously choosing your frequency.  As you begin to resonate at a high vibration life begins to match your frequency.

The Challenge is to set aside a 2 hour block of time to do this practice. For 2 hours you will focus on a positive thought for 10 seconds out of every minute. I resonated with the vibration of BLISS.  You want to choose the most exciting or inspiring thought you can think that is not dependent on outside conditions. In other words, “I am bliss embodied.” I love life.” “Giving my gift feels good.” “This moment rocks.” Not, “I won the Lotto.” Or “Angela Jolie loves me.”

I used the acronym B.L.I.S.S. See below. The last S is Space for whatever thought is most exciting for you in the moment.

BEING – Presence-Consciousness
LOVE – Awareness that All-Is-One
INSPIRES – Bursting with Creativity
SPACE …. For Whatever Feels Most Exciting and Expansive Now

If these words don’t feel good to you, pick your own. Experiment to see what thought or thoughts most resonate for you.

“I am amazing.”
“Life is awesome.”
“I Love Existence.”

If you do this practice for 2 hours you will discover just how powerful you are. You will move beyond your limiting beliefs and discover how to begin manifesting your dreams effortlessly as a conscious creator.

This article was inspired by Bentinho Massaro’s YouTube- A Simple Way to Raise Your Frequency and Vibration, 1.19.2015. Here is the link:

© Crystal Dawn Morris 2015     Cell 928.862.0762

Visionary Shamanism 11/11/11

Visionary Shamanism Activating the Imaginal Cells of the Human Energy Field. Order here.
Please check out this amazing new book by one of my favorite visionaries, Linda Star Wolf and co-author Anne Dillon.

Forward by Barbara Hand Clow

Plus! CD of new jour­ney­ing music by Matt Venuti.
Matt Venuti’s music is amazing!

This book offers shamanic prac­tices to access your spir­i­tual blue­print, commu­ni­cate with the univer­sal mind, and trans­form in to your high­est spir­i­tual self. This book explains how to tune in to imag­i­nal cells to heal the past, acti­vate the shaman within, and down­load infor­ma­tion from the future. It includes shamanic breath­work prac­tices and ritu­als to open access to your spir­i­tual blueprint–the holo­gram of who your high­est, best self is meant to be–and be more potent and power­ful in the present.

We are in a highly tran­si­tional time on Earth as old struc­tures break down in prepa­ra­tion for the new world that is coming. The accel­er­ated pace of this time of spir­i­tual evolu­tion is forc­ing each of us to awaken the shaman within and reach our high­est poten­tial as quickly as possi­ble. We no longer have the luxury of learn­ing only from the past–we must also down­load infor­ma­tion from the future in order to be fully present, fully conscious, in our most embod­ied and best self now.
Read an Excerpt Here…

Incorporating the wisdom teach­ings of Seneca Wolf Clan Grandmother Twylah Nitsch with shamanic jour­neys and shamanic breath­work prac­tices, Linda Star Wolf and Anne Dillon explain how to heal the past, learn from the future, and acti­vate the imag­i­nal cells within our human energy field. Imaginal cells are the ener­gies of what has already happened and will happen stored in the blue­print of the invis­i­ble world. By tuning in to these imag­i­nal cells, you can open access to your spir­i­tual blueprint–the holo­gram of who your high­est, best self is meant to be–and accel­er­ate your evolu­tion­ary poten­tial in this life­time. Including infor­ma­tion received by Star Wolf from the future, the book explores how to develop a commu­ni­ca­tion link with the universe, receive guid­ance from the univer­sal mind, and draw infor­ma­tion from the future to be more potent and power­ful in the present, live in harmony with one another and the planet, and fully prepare your­self for the new world to come.

Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Practitioner Training Sedona Nov.1-6

I am very excited to announce that I will be co-teaching the Fall 2010 Sedona Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Practitioners Training formerly called the Daka/Dakini Practitioners Training. This is a 6-day Training to support and further the Sacred Sexual Healing Arts and its practitioners, trainees, and seekers.

Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Practitioners Training

Nov 1-6, 2010 in Sedona, AZ, USA

Facilitated by:
Triambika, who has studied under the guise of Tantra pioneer Charles Muir, Sacred Sexual Shamanic Practitioner Baba Dez Nichols, and other sacred energy healers.

Lawrence Lanoff, Author, Energy Tracker and student of Tantric and Hindu Masters in India, and Baba Dez Nichols.

Crystal Dawn Morris, Founder of Tantra for Awakening, Certified by Margot Anand, Shamanic practitioner, energy healer, minister, she has studied with Baba Dez Nichols since 2007.

They have collectively studied, assisted, and been blessed with the presence and wisdom of many masters around the world for over 30 years. See and .

A Daka or Dakini is a man or woman who is dedicated to the ongoing practice of evolving consciousness and embodying bliss, and who supports others on this path. Central to this path are presence, personal empowerment, emotional intelligence, sexual wholeness, and a lifestyle which honors the interconnectedness of all things. Acknowledging and embracing one’s shadow (or un-integrated psychological material) is the cornerstone of this work.

Check out your instructor’s video clips here: Triambika, Lawrence Lanoff , Crystal Dawn

Sedona Temple and SSSPT Founder Baba Dez Nichols will take time during his World Tour to appear via Skype Video Conference to lead a powerful meditation and kick-off for his Senior Team.

In this training, you will become an advocate for total wellness: the integration of physical, emotional, sexual, spiritual, and community health. During this empowering, powerful & dynamic course, you will learn:
Emotional Awareness & Fluidity
Sacred Inner Marriage
Transformation through Ritual
The Business of Transformation
Creating Abundance and Community

Who will benefit from taking this program?

Both adepts and beginners will not want to miss this powerful and compelling week-long program. It is appropriate for those who seek to do Daka / Dakini work professionally, and for those who choose to walk the path informally. For those who have already begun their personal development with sacred sexuality and integrative wellness, this course will prepare you to move with confidence, presence, and power in private sessions. For those who are just beginning their walk, this course will serve as an evocative initiation and will provide a solid foundation from which to take the next steps. Some experience with Tantra and/or a professional training in healing is strongly recommended.

The experience is inclusive of the physical, personal, emotional, and transcendent, while then coming back to the very practical skills of creating a safe, effective, and satisfying session.

Self-Responsibility and Empowered Communication:

The empowering skills that will be developed in this training will not only help each participant to respond to clients or students with respect and self-responsibility, but also teach you to guide your students into a clear, mutual, and safe agreement in order to create a strong container for sacred ritual and assist you in clarifying and maintaining your role in the session. You will be given the opportunity to assess and understand your own current physical and emotional state while noticing, acknowledging and trusting your boundaries, limits and choices.

Location and Contact: Experience the magical vortex energies of the Sedona Red Rocks, ISTA 928.282.8511 or email: mail at


The cost for this course is $3000 per person (room & board included) or $2300 without room & board. You may reserve your space with a deposit, below. Please be aware that the skills you receive in this intensive will give you the tools and confidence to begin offering your service and teachings to others. This will enable you to potentially make your investment back in very short amount of time!

Training start time for Nov 1, 2010 is 4pm. Full days meet 10am-9pm. Nov 6, 2010 closing ritual is 10am – 9pm. Residential check out is 11am.

The Power of Awareness

The past couple of weeks I have been in a process of witnessing my mind. At times the awareness has been primarily the “I Am” of pure Awareness watching what is arising and passing away with a deep knowing that I am not the thoughts and/or emotions associated with the form known as Crystal Dawn.  At times the witness is present and thoughts and feelings arise and while there is an awareness that I am not these thoughts and feelings there is still an identification with them.  At times the identification with the thoughts and feelings is arising is stronger than the witnessing of them then the witnessing is noticed and I see where I have slipped into the belief of me as a separate self.  The beauty of this process is that I am appreciating all of it. In the past there would be a judgment when I get lost in the dream of separation. There would be elation when I am feeling the expansion into “I Am” Consciousness. Now, I am seeing it all as Awareness in a variety of forms playing in the Field of Existence and there is an underlying peace through all of it.

Tantra Tip of the Day- Allow Your Inner Child to Play

These days life can get very busy. When we take ourselves too seriously life often becomes burdensome.

As kids we knew how to be in the moment and have fun. We were open, curious, playful and creative. Life was playing, laughing and having fun.

Today invite your inner child to come out and play! Stop being an adult for a few minutes, act silly, be spontaneous, discover a new way to play. Take a risk and make yourself or someone else laugh. Enjoy the freedom of this moment!

Conference of Sex and Consciousness Educators, Sedona, May 7-9, 2010

Come celebrate the Awakening of Planetary Arousal and Help Create a Global Orgasm.

Mark Your Calendars May 7-9, 2010 Sedona will be hosting this conference, which was formally called the Daka/Dakini Conference. This is the 9th year of the conference and this is going to be the best one yet.

This year we have are having the Conference at Luxury Spa Resort Hotel and have reserved rooms there for attendees and presenters. We will have two tracks of presentations, one for Sex and Consciousness teachers and healers to expand their skills and knowledge and the other for anyone who is interested in living a more pleasurable, awakened,and joy-filled life.

The Conference Theme is Embracing Arousal-Personal Growth and Planetary Union.

Presenters include Charles Muir, Michael Mirdad, Joan and Tomas Heartfield, Crystal Dawn Morris, Kamala Devi, Angela Sorenson, David Cates and many others. Baba Dez has just returned from his world tour. He will be sharing his stories from the tour and the plans for a Conference in Europe this fall.


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