The First Sedona Tweetup and Big O Day in Sedona

I went to the first Tweetup here in Sedona. It was well attended by about 25 people. We twittered about Twitter and made new friends. I saw a couple of my Tantra students. The Tweetups are about people in Sedona supporting each other and letting the world know about our little piece of heaven. Twitter is very Tantric, it is about being connected, in the flow and recognizing we are all one, beyond form.

Come to my next Tantra Meetup, Wed. June 17th. It is free to join and a great by to learn about Tantra and meet open-hearted people.

Celebrate Big “O” Day – June 21, 2009
Women Exploring Pleasure in Sedona and Worldwide
Sunday, June 21, 2009
1:00 PM-6:00 PM
At a Retreat Center in Sedona
Offering $50

• Dance Ecstatically
• Embody the Goddess
• Celebrate Your Juiciness
• Relax by the Pool and Spa
• Explore Your Pleasure Body
• Honor the Feminine, Heal the Earth

“PLEASURE HEALS” says Dr. Christiane Northrup, M.D.
We must lovingly address ALL our chakras, including our foundational centers, the home of our security and passion in order to be integrated beings. Learn how to awaken more pleasure and love in your life. Mastery starts with enlightened education. Love is an art form and your body is an instrument of love.

As we explore our own pleasure and pamper ourselves we will unite with women worldwide and radiate this feminine energy all over the Earth. We will send joy and pleasure out to those who are suffering– such as people in poverty, the homeless, the hungry, and the sick. All beings everywhere can benefit from the power of the Feminine. That is how the combined energy of all women can make a difference in this world.

Be a part of history. Help create a better world. Spread bliss.

This is being held at a relaxing retreat center in Sedona, AZ.
Over night lodging is available on site at an additional fee.
RSVP Crystal Dawn for location.

RSVP or Call 928-282-5483
Love Offering $50