Practicing the Art of Surrender

I woke up yesterday morning with a new insight about resistance as the cause of all suffering. This insight was not intellectual but visceral. As I emerged from sleep I felt “resistance” and suffering. Then I felt “surrender” and the reestablishment of flow. I have been acutely aware of my energy flow for the past few weeks. I have been watching when I open and surrender and when I contract and resist. I have been able to see how my choice to open or close effects my perception of life. Stress and distress are a direct effect of resisting what is happening. Surrender is just allowing what is to be as it is in this moment.

I have discovered that is usually my thoughts about past and future that create fear and cause contraction and resistance. When I am present I naturally relax and surrender to the moment. I feel I am one with the flow. I am learning to discern these two distinct ways of being. One is much more intellectual, thought driven and fear based. The other more present, relaxed and heart connected.

My edge right now is staying in my surrendered heart, no matter what is arising. I find this both exciting and at times scary. It is interesting to watch my mind which is quick to jump in and want to figure things out and take control of the situation. When this happens I bring myself back to the present moment and check in with my heart. The choice is flow or control. In the past I have often been more comfortable choosing control. This choice goes back to my childhood when I learned not to rely on others but to trust myself. Now I am reeducating my heart and learning to trust the flow of the universe to support me in each moment by surrendering my need to know and to control.

Last night I had the opportunity to practice surrender while a man held space for me. I wanted to see just how opened and relaxed I could be. We went through a communication and each shared our desires, fears and boundaries. My desire was to allow him to guide me and to surrender as much as possible. His desire was to guide me through a particular practice. It was a delight for me (who is usually the teacher) to relax and be guided. I felt strongly held by his presence and that supported me in opening fully. I also became aware that when I surrender the light within me shines more brightly and that is a gift for him. I could feel my aliveness expanding as light, as love.

I feel very blessed in my life right now to be practicing and deepening my understanding of David Deida’s work. He talks about surrender on page 77 of Intimate Communion, Awakening Your Sexual Essence. At the same time I am deepening my understanding of Gangaji’s self inquiry work and her book The Diamond in Your Pocket. Together they are taking me to a new level of presence and awareness.

Original art by A. Andrew Gonzalez
(C) Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved.

Tantra Tip of the Day – Say Yes to Life

Tantra says, “Yes! To what is. Yes, to this moment. Yes, to being you, as you are, now.”

When you surrender into this moment and allow everything to be as it is, you become aware that all is one. You’re in the flow, neither resisting what is or grasping after something other than what is, to be happy. Resistance creates suffering, striving after some imagined future, creates suffering. Accepting yourself as you are, this moment as it is, the people around you as they are, life as it is, allows you to relax, open and just be. This is freedom.

Today, notice when you say yes to the moment and when you resist the moment. Experiment with saying yes, even when your habit would be to say no. If you find yourself in heavy traffic instead of cursing, and insisting this is not as it should be. Try accepting that you are in a traffic jam. If that isn’t possible, then accept that you are choosing to be in resistance to what is. Then notice if your resistance is causing suffering. Once you are aware of the suffering, see if you can soften your resistance. See the humor in your situation; laugh at how serious you are being. Try taking a deep breath, as you exhale relax and let go of trying to control the world around you. Notice how it feels to surrender into the moment. See what happens when you let go of resistance.

Original Art by Paul Heussenstamm,

(C) Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved.

Tantra Tip of the Day- 3 Keys to Abundance

1) Let go of resistance.
A couple of days ago while meditating, I was shown that just as a 1/4 inch pipe limits the flow of water, due to resistance created by the narrow diameter of the pipe, so to if my energy body is contracted then resistance is created which prevents abundance from flowing into my life. I then realized that I had allowed other people’s fear about the economy to contract my heart.

Sit quietly and see if you notice any areas of resistance in your body or mind? Are you holding onto beliefs that prevent abundance from flowing in your life?

2) Open up and feel the energy flow.
In the meditation I focused my attention on my heart and as I relaxed and breathed into my heart, I felt my heart expand. As I expanded my heart chakra I increased the flow of energy in my body. I immediately noticed an increase of financial abundance flowing into my life and it has continued since then.

Spend a few minutes doing an energy inventory, where is your energy constricted? Relax and breathe into these areas and see if they expand. See if you can increase the feeling of aliveness in your body. See if you notice any change in the flow of abundance in your life over the next few days.

3) Practice the art of giving and receiving.
Flow has two aspects giving and receiving. If you are feeling lack then open up to receive abundance in your life. If you are blessed with an overflow of abundance, then give to others that are less fortunate. Both actions are important in keeping abundance flowing. Flow is dynamic. If we hoard out of fear, then the flow is diminished. If we aren’t open to receiving then flow is rerouted around us and someone else benefits but we stay in lack.

Notice your relationship to giving and receiving. Does one seem more natural to you than the other? Practice giving and receiving today and see what you discover about yourself.

(C)Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved.