Tantra Tip of the Day – The Power of Love

What is this power we call Love? What does it feel like in your body? How is it for you to give it to others? How much are you able love yourself? Are you able to fully receive love? Is there a limit to how much you are willing to take in? Are you better at giving love or receiving it? Can you connect with Source and allow Love to fill you and nourish you. Today notice your relationship to love in all its forms.
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Creating Harmonious Relationships- Feb.14-15 in Sedona, AZ

Friday, February 13 ~ 7:00pm-9:30pm
Exploring Masculine & Feminine Energy

This evening begins the exploration of how our inner masculine and feminine energies create our outer relationships. This exciting work is foundational to Tantric practice and can have immediate and profound results in your life. Open to individuals and couples of all ages and all levels of experience.
Free Event,donations appreciated

Saturday, February 14,9:30am – Sunday, February 15,7:00pm
The Dance of Shakti & Shiva: Creating Harmonious Relationships

Ignite your passion, feel the flow, and discover how to be authentic in love. When you allow Shakti (feminine creativity) and Shiva (masculine presence) to dance together in harmony like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, you experience love and freedom in all your life. This experiential weekend is devoted to exploring the relationship between your masculine and feminine energies. Come and transform old patterns and discover new resources that will support you in having healthy relationships, fulfilling your life purpose and living an ecstatic life.

This workshop is co-faciltated by Crystal Dawn Morris and special guest Michael Pooley. Michael has taught with Margot Anand and both are Certified SkyDancing Tantra Teachers.

Location: Sedona School of Temple Arts
Learn more: www.tantraforawakening.com