Tantra Tip of the Day – The Solstice and the Divine Masculine

Happy Summer Solstice! Happy Father’s Day!

Today, June 21, 2009 is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. The sunlight is associated with the masculine principle, making today the height of the masculine energy for the year. Each person has both masculine and feminine energies. Today is also Father’s Day the celebration of the male aspect of creation. Some of the qualities of the masculine are: being present, still, focused, directional, purposeful, confident and active, to name a few, the qualities that one often admires in a strong father figure.

Today take time to become aware of your relationship with your own inner masculine and your own inner father. Is this a part of yourself you are familiar with? Do you admire this part of yourself, deny it, love it or ignore it? Spend some time today celebrating the masculine principle of life. Also give you father a call if he is alive and if he has crossed over acknowledge him for the gifts you received from him.

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The Tantra Tip of the Day- Embody Masculine and Feminine

Physically we inhabit a masculine or feminine body and most people identify more strongly with one gender than the other. Sometimes it is the same as our body’s gender and sometimes not. Within every person there are both feminine and masculine energies. Yet often we are not conscious of our relationship to them.

Close your eyes and allow yourself to feel into the energy of the gender you feel more aligned with. Notice how that energy feels in your physical body, mind and heart. Next, allow yourself to embody the opposite gender. How is this energy different? How does it feel in your physical body, mind and heart? Take a piece of paper and draw a line length-wise down the middle, on one side write Feminine and on the other Masculine, below list the qualities of each that you noticed.

Now allow yourself to call both into your body at the same time. How does this feel in your physical body, mind and heart?
Try this: Practice embodying these energies with conscious awareness. Call on your inner masculine when that energy would support what you are doing. Call on your inner feminine when that energy supports what you are feeling. Call on both morning and evening and experience being whole.

Qualities of Feminine and Masculine Energy






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Tantra Tip of the Day – Leaping into the Void

I have been feeling a deep need to let go of control, let go of directing the show, let go of being strongly in my masculine. This is a role I am comfortable with from many years being a teacher, midwife and mother. I am used to holding space for others, so they can feel safe. I am comfortable helping them explore their edges.

Now I am at the edge of a precipice. There is something essential just beyond what I can safely reach. I need to surrender into the unknown and trust that is it ok not to know. I need to let go and breathe into my heart. I need to trust this process called life. I need be willing to fall apart. I need to surrender and trust the process.

It is hard to do this alone, to hold space for myself. I long for a strong man to hold space for me. I long for my heart to open and trust this man. I want to see in his eyes that he believes in me and will be there at the end, no matter what. I long to surrender and fall apart with total abandon.

Where in your life do you need to surrender? What is your relationship to trust? What is your relationship to your inner masculine? How can you show up and support your inner feminine?


C) Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved.

Shifting the Paradigm-"Should Women Rule the World?"

Yesterday, I posted a blog titled, “Should Women Rule the World?” This was not my title, it was the title of an email I recieved, that I thought was provocative and would be interesting to post here. I want to clarify my thoughts on the subject.

I don’t even believe in the concept of anybody ruling the world. I want to see a world where instead of a desire to rule over the world there was a desire to tend the world for the benefit of all beings. My view is not that we should value feminine over masculine but that we see that they both have valuable gifts to offer and that both be appreciate equally. The world would be far better off if all humans had acess to the full spectrum of both masculine and feminine wisdom. I believe that many on the Tantra path are integrating these aspects in ourselves so we can be more whole wise beings.

Until that happens wouldn’t it be great if the feminine perspective was included more in the political and world scene. One of the clips on the link I posted, showed a panel of men (no women) trying to figure out a response to the ecomomic crisis. The point of the clip being that men are more short-sighted and willing to take greater risks, while women take a more cautious view and consider the future more. When one point of view is excluded there are bound to be blind spots they create problems.

I believe including women in policy-making all over the world is a start, but often women working in male dominated fields loose their feminine prespective, in an effort to be accepted they become one of the boys. So it is not just about women doing it or doing it better. There are men in the world who carry the feminine prespective as well. It is about learning to trust that by honoring both feminine and masculine we can create a healthier and happier world. This honoring begins within each one of us, as we become more aware of our inner male and female sides. I believe that exploring the inner masculine and inner feminine is an important part of shifting the paradigm from one of domination to one of partnership.