Tantra Tip of the Day – Refections after the Storm

It has been an interesting couple of weeks for me. Doing my taxes and looking at my finances triggered some fear about the future. I found myself stuck in my head trying to figure it out and suffering arose. As I sat with the fears it became clear I had to let go of the story and look at what was creating the suffering. Being stuck in past and future was causing of my suffering.

It is easy so beat yourself up when you judge your past choices based on today’s knowledge. “If only…this. If only…that.” Then the future feels like a minefield of “What ifs….”

“Leaping into the void” took me out of the story. “Being still” took me out of past and future. “Facing into the wind of my suffering” helped me to open to trusting the Now. After a week of being in the not knowing without resistance, I am in a completely different space. I have relaxed and surrendered. I am at peace. My creative juices are starting to flow again. I am excited about the unfolding of my life.

The future is still a mystery. I no longer “need to know what is going to happen” to feel safe. My faith in Source as an abundant field of love is restored. I relax, breathe and appreciate the moment. I see the beauty and abundance all around me. I am open to receiving miracles in my life. I am ready for the opportunities and challenges the Universe is offering me so I can give my gifts and grow. I have learn to appreciate fear is a doorway to peace.

Try this, the next time you find yourself stuck, afraid or contracted, see if you can let go of the story about it. Let go of past and future. Drop into the Now and ask yourself what is the deeper Truth? Be still and allow yourself to open and discover the gift hidden in whatever appears to be creating your suffering. Open and receive the gift and appreciate the opportunity to grow.

Original Art by Paul Heussenstamm,

(C) Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved.

Help Heal the World Economy – Chant the Mantra of Compassion

As I was doing this chant this morning it came to me that more than healing the world economy we need to shift the consciousness from one focused on not enough to one of abundance and from abundance to generousity. By being generous energy flows and all beings benefit.

If you want to help please chant the Mantra of Compassion, “Om Mani Padme Hum,” at least 5 minutes a day, during the month of March. The goal is for the community-at-large to say the mantra at least one million times, with the intention of healing the world economy. This practice is in alignment with my piece I wrote on Compassion as a Practice.

White Conch is a Buddhist Group on Facebook that I am a member of, I received this message today. Read more below.

Ngawang Thekchen sent a message to the members of White Conch.


The worldwide economy is in crisis. Let us join together to make a difference! Join all of us by adding to the total of a Million Mantras for Recovery of the World Economy. The whole month of March, we will chant the Mantra of Compassion, “Om Mani Padme Hum” adding up to at least one million times and dedicate prayers for the recovery of the world economy by the power of compassion. Please commit five minutes (or five hours) per day to this effort. Offer one or two hundred repetitions or more each day; record your tally on the White Conch Dharma Center Group every week or so.

White Conch is an invitation only group. You may request to join and participate in the Million Mantras event if you are not a member yet. On the morning of March 1st those gathered for World Peace Prayers at Joyful Path Healing Center in Blue Mounds, WI chanted “Om Mani Padme Hum” together one hundred times. The chanting took no longer than five minutes.

How to count:

Hold a mala or rosary in your hand. As you repeat one mantra/prayer, move one bead towards you. One hundred repetitions is one round of a traditional mala, or five rounds of a wrist mala. It is two rounds of a Christian rosary. If you do not have a mala, you can use other ways to count:such as chant with a recording, marks on a paper or a bowlful of beans.

Tantra Tip of the Day- Compassion is a Practice

Compassion for all beings is the foundation for all Tantric practice. The motivation to achieve enlightenment is born out of a desire to help others to awaken and to help end suffering for all beings. This practice is called Bodhichitta, which means “awakening mind.” In Buddhism the mind is associated with the heart and not the head. Bodhichitta also is associated with wisdom and spaciousness. So to activate compassion you awaken the heart with both wisdom and spaciousness.

Compassion is different from sympathy which can sometimes cause a feeling of being over whelmed by the suffering of others. If you become overwhelm by such emotions you are now one of those who is suffering. If you are suffering you loose your equanimity. Practicing compassion requires equanimity, an open heart and the intent to help others in every moment as much as you are able. Equanimity is an unbiased attitude toward all beings and is the foundation for practicing Bodhichitta. It is a state of being which requires awareness and letting go of attachment or aversion.

Here is a meditation for cultivating equanimity. Imagine you are surrounded by three people; one is your best friend, one your enemy or someone you dislike and one is a complete stranger to you. Now examine your feelings towards each of these people and see why you have labeled them friend, enemy and stranger. As you explore your feelings notice that these labels are impermanent. Your friend could move away and no longer be important to you. Your feelings for your enemy might be resolved if she offered to help you through a crisis. A stranger could become your friend or lover. In doing this meditation you can begin to let go of your attachment to your friends, aversion to your enemies and indifference to a stranger.

See if you can find a place of peace within yourself that allows you to see each person from a place of compassion. Generate the desire that all beings awaken and no longer suffer. You are practicing the beginning stages of Bodhichitta.

(C)Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved.

Original Art by Paul Heussenstamm