Shamanic Breathwork in Sedona with Linda Star Wolf and Brad Collins

Linda Star Wolf and Brad Collins return to Sedona!

Shakti and the Shaman: A Shamanic Breathwork Intensive Workshop

Thursday, June 24, 10 am – 6 pm

Raise and harness your Shakti Energy with Shamanic Breathwork™

This experiential workshop features a powerful Shamanic Breathwork™ journey to specially selected trance music designed to move through the chakras, activate your Shakti, fully awaken your Shaman Within and assist you in stepping more fully into your Sacred Purpose in the world. Our medicine is the sacred breath. We are all breathing the same air each moment of each day. We can choose to breathe together with more clarity, consciousness and with the intention of directing our Shakti energy into rebirthing our selves and our planet into a new paradigm!

Bring your open heart, a journal, a closed water container, your lunch and some snacks, and a pillow and blanket. Wear comfortable clothes that you can move in.

Workshop Cost: $100
To register Call (928) 282-8511 or Email:
To register on-line click on this link:

Linda Star Wolf and Brad Collins are the Co-Founders and Co-Directors of Venus Rising Institute for Shamanic Healing Arts and the Isis Cove Community Retreat Center, located in western North Carolina, home of the Shamanic Breathwork Process. Star Wolf and Brad have been visionary teachers, guides and leaders in the fields of planetary transformation for over 35 years, offering workshops and sacred journeys all over the world. To learn more about Venus Rising, please visit their website:

Step back into your life with ENERGY, PASSION, POWER, PURPOSE and LOVE NOW!

Sound Healing with the Bija Mantras

Last weekend I was in Tucson teaching an event on Awakening the Multi-Orgasmic Response. One of the steps is clearing blocks in the body so you can contain more orgasmic energy. I taught this Chakra clearing practice to the group and it proved to be a powerful and healing experience for them.I hope you find it helpful.

Bija Mantra Chakra Clearing Practice

This is a sound technique that can remove blocks and activate the energy centers. Activating these energy centers allows ecstatic energy to flow into every part of the body. When ecstasy flows, it enhances every aspect of your life- sexual, spiritual, mundane, etc….

Create a quiet, beautiful space where you will not be disturbed. Turn off the phones. Read over the entire practice before you begin, so you both understand the practice.

The Bija Mantras are sacred sounds that resonate with each chakra. “Bija” means “seed.” Each Bija Mantra is a specific sound that activates, clears and amplifies its particular chakra.

The first 5 seed sounds rhyme with the word “mom” :

1-“LAM” (Root Chakra)
2-“VAM” (Belly Chakra)
3-“RAM” (Solar Plexus Chakra)
4-“YAM” (Heart Chakra)
5-“HAM” (Throat Chakra)

The 6th seed sound rhymes with the word “home” :

6-“OM” (Third Eye Chakra)
7-Silence (Crown Chakra)

One way to remember the order of the Bija Mantras is with the acronym LoVeR, You Have Orgasms.

The order in which we do the practice is different for men and women. With a man, you begin at the root and move up to the crown because masculine energy is associated with the sky, consciousness, and emptiness. With a woman, you begin at the crown and move down to the root, because feminine energy is associated with the Earth, life and embodied bliss.

If you are doing this practice alone, place your hand over each successive chakra and say the appropriate mantra. As you tone, send the energy into each chakra with your hand and intention.

I recommend toning into each chakra 3 times. After each chakra, wait 1-2 minutes for the receiver to fully integrate each sound. After completing all 7 chakras, put on some meditative music and sit or lie with the receiver, allowing them time to integrate this experience. Finally, take a few minutes to communicate your experience with each other. If partnered, this is the point where you would switch roles.

Toning on the Chakras, men root to crown, women crown to root.
Using seed syllables:



Copyright 2010 Crystal Dawn Morris

Tantra Tip of the Day – 8 Keys for Energizing the Chakras

Tantra sees the human body as a temple. The body is a laboratory for consciousness to play and explore the material world. In Tantra we use our sexual energy to expand awareness by moving it through the body’s energy centers. These centers, located along the spine are called chakras, which means wheels of light. As consciousness expands through the chakras the energy body is refined and there is less identification with the ego and separation from Source is recognized as an illusion.

Tantra teaches you how to move your sexual energy from your root, up to your heart center and then up to your crown. Awareness grows as each chakra center is cleared and begins to flow with abundant energy. Sexual energy moves from the root towards the heart, connecting sex with love. Then it moves from the heart to the crown where you enter the mystical realms. Here you discover that you are not your thoughts, body, feelings or beliefs. You are the Divine celebrating life in human form, enjoying the ability to experience pleasure, bliss and Unity Consciousness. Some of the benefits of energizing the chakras are improved health, sexual vitality, mental clarity, expanded creativity and inner peace.

Here are 8 Keys for energizing the Chakras. Try this:

1) Stand with your knees hip width apart and slightly bent.

2) Breathe through your mouth and into the belly, allowing it to expand.

3) Increase the energy by breathing in as if you are sipping through straw.

4) Allow your pelvis to rotate freely, keeping the knees bent. As you inhale rock the hips back, creating an arch in the back. As you exhale, tuck the tail bone under, flattening the back.

5) Add the PC pump. As you inhale squeeze the pelvic floor muscles pulling them upwards and as you exhale let them relax.

6) Put all the steps together. As you inhale imagine you are breathing the energy up from your root to your heart. Practice this until you feel the energy pulsing from your root to your heart. You can play with speeding up and slowing down your respiratory rate.

7) Once you have mastered connecting root and heart try moving the energy to the crown. Practice until you can feel the energy flowing easily from your root to your crown. See yourself as a rainbow bridge of light connecting Earth and Sky.

8) This is a great daily practice. It is also a great practice to do prior to making love and can also be incorporated it into your love making.
(C) Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved.
(C) Art by Skydancer

Experience a Chakra Cord Cutting Ritual

Today March 1st, 2009 Crystal Dawn spoke about chakras and did a chakra cord cutting ritual live on News for the Soul. This ritual is a good any time you need to let go of things you’ve become attatched too or if you feel someone has become corded to you and is draining your energy. It is good for releasing the past. They post the archives shortly after the live show and you can listen to them any time. You can also listen to the show I did January 19th about how I got involved with SkyDancing Tantra and the benefits of Tantra.

News for the Soul is the #1 Life Changing Talk Radio Show in the world according to GOOGLE and AOL and MSN and ALEXA and and YOUTUBE and so on.NFTS is home to the largest totally free life changing media library in the world.NFTS founder, producer & host Nicole Whitney has been dubbed ‘the Oprah of the Internet’ by NFTS listeners.


Tantra and Transformation

This past weekend I taught, Awakening the Ecstatic Body, Level One: Opening the Pathways of Bliss. I know that this workshop offers powerful SkyDancing Tantra tools for awakening. Still, I am surprised by how deeply people are effected by these processes. It is a gift for me to see, how much people can heal and be transformed in only a couple of days.

This workshop was equally attended by students new to SkyDancing Tantra and experienced students, who had taken several of my workshops before. I enjoyed the chemistry of this mix of students, as they offered each other different perspectives on the weekend’s events. New students see things fresh, while repeating students often drop into new levels of wisdom. I also enjoy the process of keeping the workshop fresh, by changing the contents, in such a way that there are surprises, even to those who have done it more than once.

Much of this workshop was focused on opening our hearts and speaking our truth. Giving voice to truth is a powerful tool for transformation. Each person took an issue that they needed clarity on and then allowed three different chakras to speak to them and offer their wisdom on the issue. This life changing process helps you find resolution problems that you are unable to resolve with the thinking mind.

Saturday evening was delightful. We created a sensory awakening ritual to open our pleasure-body. Activating touch, taste, smell and hearing while being blind-folded. Our senses are a doorway to expanding awareness, as we become more present, we open up to a greater awareness of our connection to all-that-is.

It is a joy to teach this path and I feel so blesssed to be sharing this with my students. I always learn so much myself in the process. One thing I learned about was the power of a really good demo….