Tantra Tip of the Day – The Art of Awakening

Tantra is the path of awakening and recognizing your true nature as conscious Awareness. Here are 4 steps to help you awaken:

1) Recognize that you living in a dream and choose to wake up.

2) Activate the Witness – watch the dream unfold and recognize you are more than the dream and the dreamer.

3) Discover you are Awareness, the spaciousness consciousness in which everything arises, beyond time, space and form.

4) Practice both/and consciousness; you are both a person, living out your unique life experiences and eternal Awareness.

As you practice these steps notice what arises. How easy is it for you to recognize you are dreaming? When do you get lost in the dream? Are you able to activate the Witness in times of drama? Are you able to move beyond identification with the self and experience the Self, as Awareness?

Original Art by Paul Heussenstamm,

Tantra Tip of the Day – Three Steps to Inner Peace

Does your life feel like it is going faster and faster? Does it feel like you are being dragged into an undertow of drama; your drama, your kid’s drama, or the economic drama in Washington? How can you be at peace in the midst of chaos?

First, shift your attention from what is going on in the world around you to the space in which these things arise. Can you sense this spaciousness? If not, close your eyes and exhale with a deep sigh, relax and state your intention for inner peace.

Second, imagine a cord of light at the base of your spine; send this cord down through your legs and feet deep into the center of the earth. Imagine there is a tree, rock, crystal or whatever it is for you and tie your grounding cord on to this object; give it a tug to make sure it feels secure. Now, release anything that is preventing you from being fully present in this moment down this grounding cord. Notice how it feels to let go of past and future and arrive in this moment.

Third, allow yourself to become conscious of Awareness. Awareness is spacious, still and peaceful, it is always present and is the emptiness in which life happens. Experience this spaciousness. What do you notice about it? Even if you only feel it for brief moments throughout your day, these moments of peace, when brought into conscious awareness can gradually be extended. Eventually you discover that inner peace is possible when you follow these 3 steps; 1) relax and state your intention for inner peace, 2) ground your energy and release past and future, and 3) allow yourself to experience spacious Awareness.

(C)Copyright 2009, Crystal Dawn Morris, all rights reserved.

Tantra Tip of the Day- Let Go of Doing

You live in a culture of Doing-ness. What do you do? How are you doing? I have to make a To-Do List. Do you define yourself by what you do? Many people do! As a child were you seen and recognized as having value based on what you did? Did you come to equate what you do with who you are?

What you do comes and goes. But what abides? If you let go of doing, even for a moment, what happens? In the midst of doing, let go of your identification with what you are doing, and allow yourself to become aware of the spaciousness in which the doing arises. Explore this spaciousness with the curiosity of a child. Let go of doing and see what you discover.

C)Copyright 2009 Crystal Dawn Morris www.tantraforawakening.com

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Tantra Tip of the Day- Seriously

It is easy to take yourself and the world seriously. I caught myself doing it today after paying bills and reading the news paper. The mind wants to create problems it can then try and solve. If you find yourself furrowing your brow, it is time to lighten up. For the next 10 minutes laugh at nothing at all. Call a friend and laugh together. Notice how it feels to laugh. See if you make someone smile. Share a joke. Act silly. Play as if you were a child.

Tantra Tip of the Day-Time in Nature

The natural world is a powerful mirror for seeing the Divine in ourselves. There is nothing like being in the mountains, sitting in a peaceful forest or running on the beach to awaken a sense of awe at the core of our being. The magnificence of nature takes our breath away and reminds us of the Truth of who we are.

Take some time today to be out in nature. Go to a park. Hug a tree. Take a walk. Ride your bike. Feel the sun or wind on your face. Open your heart and breathe in the grandeur of Gaia, our mother, the earth. Connect your heart to the heart beat of the Earth and let it nourish your soul.

(C)Copyright 2009 Crystal Dawn Morris

Tantra is Our Natural State of Awareness

Recently, I did a coaching session with someone new to Tantra. I was reminded that many people have the idea that Tantra is a philosophy or something you practice to have better sex or become more spiritual. I was under this impression myself at one time. What I know now and what I stress to my students, is that Tantra is not something we learn, it is simply, a remembering our true nature. Our true nature is the awareness that everything is woven together, connected, one field of consciousness and we are not separate from this consciousness, we are it.

Tantra is an awareness that I am one with all that is. No matter that my thoughts want to convince me that I am alone and separate. I know this is an illusion. This is why I call my website Tantra For Awakening because each moment is an opportunity to awaken to the awareness that we are consciousness, in form, becoming aware of our true nature, not these separate egos, who think they are here to prove something.

In my SkyDancing Tantra workshops and coaching sessions I teach tools that allow you to easily tap into this awareness and make it apart of your daily life. Then Tantra is not a doing but a being. You are awareness living life, apparently separate and always connected. You are consciousness in form, having a human adventure. Living in this way is liberating and fun.