Safe Sex Script Makes Awkward Easy

This “script” is a good way to initiate a conversation about your sexual history and to ask someone else to share their sexual history with you.  Review your answers to the statements below. Practice saying them out loud in front of a mirror. Next, share this process with a friend or lover. Ideally, this is […]

Awaken to Love and Freedom at the SSSEx in Colorado

SPIRITUAL SEXUAL SHAMANIC EXPERIENCE !  Join us in Winter Park, Colorado July 12-19, 2015 Do you desire deeper intimacy, understanding & sexual connection?  Do you long to tap more deeply into your passion & what is alive for you right now? Are you ready to break free of old patterns & embrace your inner guidance system? If so, […]

The First Canadian ISTA Conference and SSSEX Training was a Big Success

Three years ago I met Frank Mondeose in Sedona while he was attending a month-long ISTA apprenticeship program. We stayed up many nights talking about shifting global consciousness around spirituality, sexuality and shamanism. We decided that we would team up to bring my Tantra for Awakening workshops and Tantra Teacher training to Montreal as a […]

ISTA Conference on Sexuality and Consciousness May 2015

Register at: Crystal Dawn Morris and Frank Mondeose would like to invite you to attend the 14th North American Conference on Sexuality and Consciousness in Montreal, Canada This is an exciting opportunity to meet like-minded people, expand your knowledge and consciousness, and learn about new tools that will support more fulfilling relationships and life experiences. Experience  three […]

The BLISS Meditation Challenge

Presence is the sense I-Am or I Exist. It is the space in which all experiences arise. All appearances are made of Presence-Energy. Energy is another word for vibration. Thoughts are made of Presence-Energy. Every thought vibrates with a specific frequency. The higher the frequency of the thought the better you feel while thinking it. […]

Montreal ISTA Training May 2015

The ISTA Training is in Canada for the first time! The Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience May 25-31, 2015 At a lovely retreat center near Montreal, Quebec, Canada Do you long for deeper intimacy and sexual connection? Are you ready to break free of old conditioning? Is there a lack of passion in your life? If […]

7 Benefits of Sexual Healing for Women

By Crystal Dawn Morris What is sexual healing? Sexual healing is the art of resolving the sexual shame, guilt and fear held in the bodymind. When sexual shame, guilt and fear are denied, repressed or ignored,  they can led to physical symptoms such as chronic vaginal or bladder infections, decreased libido, painful intercourse, PMS, painful […]

The Art of Giving and Receiving

Saturday January 10th 4-8 PM in West Sedona With a focus on healthy boundaries and clear communication, we will explore the various aspects underlying safe and conscious touch. I will be presenting a powerful model based on Dr. Betty Martin’s “Wheel of Consent.” Through a series of practices, we will begin to fine-tune our appreciation […]

Goddess Night in Sedona

Thursday January 8th 7-9 PM in West Sedona Goddess Night is a women-only evening of delicious feminine connection hosted by Cheryl Good and Crystal Dawn Morris. The evening begins with dancing and sharing in a circle. Cheryl will guide a crystal bowl sound healing meditation and Crystal will led a group process. Afterwards, is social […]