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Sexuality Conference in San Diego

Join me in San Diego May 2, 2014. I have been attending this conference annually since 2007. It is a gathering place for like-minded individuals who are creating a new paradigm based on love and freedom. There will be over 40 experts sharing their knowledge and offering new tools for experiencing a deeper awareness of […]

Sexual Radiance Illuminates Women in Sedona

Here are testimonials from 3 women who attended the Women Healing Women event recently. Listen to Kelley’s Tube video.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1JKtQOGPzg&list=FLinVa2slDvYbeWXtj7YAvUg “The WHW Weekend allowed me to reconnect with my deeper feminine self and see myself with fresh eyes, free of the biases and standards that society imposes on women these days. It allowed me to […]

Better Sex Tonight, Awakening the Full Body Orgasm

Tantra uses sexual energy to expand awareness and experience ecstasy. It teaches people how to move their sexual energy from their genitals, up to the top of their head, and everywhere in between, allowing the entire physical and energetic body to become ecstatic. When the sexual energy reaches the crown it can expand a persons […]

Montreal SkyDancing Tantra Workshop

February 7-9, 2014, Montreal, Canada Register here: https://mondeose.com/Special-Events/2014-02-08/Tantra-4-Awakening-Level-1-Weekend-workshop Awakening the Ecstatic Body: Opening the Path to Bliss · Open the “Inner Flute” · Explore and Attune the Chakras · Expand the Ability to Tap into Bliss · Learn to Communicate Desires Effectively · Experience a Heart-Opening Tantric Puja · Experience the a Powerful Tantric Ritual […]

Sexual Healing for Women a Testimonial

Women Healing Women Testimonial Kelley attended our Women Healing Women:Reclaiming Our Sexual Radiance workshop in Sedona, AZ  in April 2013.  Thanks, Kelley for helping us to get the word out to other women in need of sexual healing. Look here for our upcoming events. https://www.tantraforawakening.org/schedule/ Do you want to live in a world where women […]

Opening the Inner Flute

The ‘Inner Flute,” is the SkyDancing Tantra™  term, for what you may know as the Central Channel or Sushumna. The purpose of this practice is to access and expand awareness of the life-force energy that moves naturally through the body. This practice supports you in being present, having a relaxed body-mind and an open heart. […]

Chicagoland Women Reclaim Their Sexual Radiance

I am very excited about teaching Women Healing Women: Reclaiming Our Sexual Radiance in the Chicago area. Cheryl Good and I taught it in Sedona, AZ in April, 2013. All the women who attended were deeply transformed. As a Certified Nurse-Midwife for almost 25 years, I have been aware, of the need for this type […]

Tantra Teacher Training, Montreal, July 2013

June 28-July 3, 2013 Montreal, Canada The Art and Business of Teaching Tantra Module 3- Spiritual Connection, Coaching and Ethics •    Attend the Sexual Union to Spiritual Communion Worshop •    Teach the practices covered in the weekend workshop. •    Learn how to facilitate a coaching session. •    Begin writing Tantra articles online. •    Expand your […]

Tantra 4 Awakening in Montreal, June 28-30

Discover the Magic of SkyDancing Tantra June 28-30, 2013 in Montreal, Canada Friday 7 pm-10 pm:  Heart Puja, Open to the Public, Cost $25 Saturday 9:30am-9:30pm – Sunday 10am-6pm Awakening the Ecstatic Body Weekend: From Sexual Union to Spiritual Communion Explore Masculine and Feminine Energy Feel Polarity Between Presence & Radiance Clear Obstacles to Deep […]