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Discover the Path to Bliss- SkyDancing in Phoenix, 1/17/09

Magic happened! We gathered and spent the day exploring SkyDancing Tantra. Hearts opened, loved flowed and truth was expressed. Essence was shared and experienced by all. Thanks for showing up and being so authentic. What a delightful day exploring the path to bliss. Ten people gathered in Phoenix and explored seeing the Divine in each […]

Blessings for you in 2009

May you appreciate all life. May you connect with Source. May you have an open heart. May your intuition guide you. May you have clarity of purpose. May you cherish the sacred in all things. May you trust yourself in every moment. May you commit fully and never hold back. May you be gentle with […]

Opening to Devotion – Rumi's Wedding Day

On Dec 17th I was at an event celebrating Rumi’s Wedding Day, the day he left his body. My friend Gabriella, recited the poems of Rumi, Hafiz and Lalla’s , actually she does more than recite their words she channels their presence through their words. She was backed up by a band of 4 men […]

4 Keys to Keeping Your Heart Open in Challenging Times

Four Keys Keeping Your Heart Open in Challenging Times. The past month has been a challenging time. The world economy has been at risk. The stock market has been bi-polar. The election is up for grabs. Fear is rampant in the media. In the face of all of this it is easy to have fear […]