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Tantra Tip of the Day- Pleasure as a Practice

Art by Andrew Gonzalez https://www.sublimatrix.com/Take a few minutes and ask yourself these questions. What is my relationship to pleasure? What gives me pleasure? Do I make time for pleasure in my life? How often? When you have quiet time close your eyes, breathe, place your hands on your belly and perineum. Drop-in and see if […]

Tantra Tip of the Day- Seriously

It is easy to take yourself and the world seriously. I caught myself doing it today after paying bills and reading the news paper. The mind wants to create problems it can then try and solve. If you find yourself furrowing your brow, it is time to lighten up. For the next 10 minutes laugh […]

Tantra Tip of the Day-Time in Nature

The natural world is a powerful mirror for seeing the Divine in ourselves. There is nothing like being in the mountains, sitting in a peaceful forest or running on the beach to awaken a sense of awe at the core of our being. The magnificence of nature takes our breath away and reminds us of […]

Tantra Tip of the Day-Being Present

What does it mean to be present? Being present is more than paying attention to what is happening in this world of form. Being present is being aware of the stillness in which everything arises. There is a luminous quality to this awareness. It is always present, just underneath the surface of whatever is occurring. […]

The Dance of Shakti and Shiva, Feb 14-15, Sedona

I will teaching a workshop February 14-15, Called the Dance of Shakti and Shiva:Creating Harmonious Relationships www.tantraforwakening.com/ The Union of Shiva and Shakti The Lover, out of boundless love Has become the beloved Both are made of the same substance and share the same food Out of love for each other, they merge and again […]

Tantra Tip of the Day- Love this Moment

Love this moment, it is the only one there is. Take little mini-breaks though out the day to drop into present moment awareness. Surrender your thoughts , fears, judgments and beliefs. Just for this moment feel the freedom that lives in the here and now. Art courtesy of https://www.mandalas.com/