A bit of the story of Crystal Dawn

Here I am in 2007 with my 3 grandkids shortly after Aria was born.

I live in Sedona, AZ. I have been here almost 4 years. I moved here from Sonoma County, CA where I lived for 15 years. My plan was to never leave the little piece of paradise I called home. In March 2005 I was in Tucson, AZ for the birth of my second grandchild. About a week aftermy Granddaughter was born I went to see a friend in Sedona. I had been there twice before. This time when I saw the red rocks my heart cracked open and I knew I had to move to Sedona. I went home and sold my house, quit my job and moved to Sedona with the idea I would take a year off to write a book and learn about being verses doing. It has been quite a journey.

I have been a certified nurse-midwife since 1987 and have delivered almost 1800 babies; I have been at another 500 births as a nurse. I am passionate about birth and I was becoming very disheartened by the direction birth was taking in the hospitals. I felt I needed a break from being a midwife and wanted to write a book that might help women wakeup to what they are missing by choosing the medical model of birth. I wrote a rough draft of my book but couldn’t complete it because it was too emotional for me at that time. I am just beginning to feel that it is time to get back to writing it. Last night I saw a wonderful video called Orgasmic Birth that reminded me of my deep desire to shift the birthing paradigm in this country.

I studied Core Shamanism with Michael Harner from 1992 through 2000. In 1995 I started a small Shamanic healing and counseling practice in my forest home in Occidental. Shamanism helped me to deepen my own spiritual practice and heal myself on many levels. I also did 6 Vision Quests over 9 years, the last one being shortly after 9/11/01. These were all very powerful and life changing experiences, much of what I received in my last vision quest is beginning to manifest now.

Since moving to Sedona I have become a certified SkyDancing Tantra teacher. I teach workshops, do events and offer intimacy coaching in person and on the phone. Tantra has also deepened my spiritual practice in amazing ways. I have also been meditating and do self-inquiry work. My desire is to get the Tantra teachings to the masses so the whole planet can discover tools for waking up from the dream, called life.

I learned about David Deida’s work through a workshop called the Yin and Yang of Ecstasy taught my Margot Anand and Jim Benson in 2003 at Harbin Hot Springs. Since then a big part of my spiritual life has been about integrating my inner male and female and moving from a place of separation into wholeness. The past year I have been in a deep process of learning to let go of control and go with the flow. I have been encouraging my feminine side to open, trust and surrender.

I have 2 sons, Eli, 36 and Josh, 32. Eli, has been with his wife Tara for 15 years and they now have 3 kids,11,4 and 2. I am 54 years old and single. I have a few men in my life but no one who wants to commit to the deep spiritual relationship practice I desire. I am open to meeting my beloved and exploring the depths of relationship with Tantra, meditation, self-inquiry and DD’s work.