7 Benefits of Sexual Healing for Women

By Crystal Dawn Morris What is sexual healing? Sexual healing is the art of resolving the sexual shame, guilt and fear held in the bodymind. When sexual shame, guilt and fear are denied, repressed or ignored,  they can led to physical symptoms such as chronic vaginal or bladder infections, decreased libido, painful intercourse, PMS, painful [...]

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ISTA Training 1 March 2015

March 8-15, Near Tucson,  AZ (The Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience 1) Do you long for deeper intimacy and sexual connection? Are you ready to break free of old conditioning? Is there a lack of passion in your life? If you are ready to transform your life, this experiential 8-day event is for you. Hundreds of [...]

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The Art of Giving and Receiving

Saturday January 10th 4-8 PM in West Sedona With a focus on healthy boundaries and clear communication, we will explore the various aspects underlying safe and conscious touch. I will be presenting a powerful model based on Dr. Betty Martin’s “Wheel of Consent.” Through a series of practices, we will begin to fine-tune our appreciation [...]

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Women Healing Women February 2015

Reclaiming Our Sexual Radiance A Transformational Weekend in Sedona, AZ February 6-8   Begins Friday 7 PM – Ends Sunday 6 PM Are you a woman who: Feels frustrated, shutdown and out of touch with her joy and passion? Is ready to give up putting other people’s needs and wants ahead of her own wellbeing? [...]

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Sedona Women’s Writing Group

Beginning January 7th we will meet weekly every Wednesday 1-3PM in West Sedona The focus of this group is to support women being in their creative flow as writers. This group meets weekly for 2 hours. We will be doing timed writing exercises. You are free use whatever topics are appropriate for you and your [...]

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Sexual Radiance Illuminates Women in Sedona

Here are testimonials from 3 women who attended the Women Healing Women event recently. Listen to Kelley’s Tube video.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1JKtQOGPzg&list=FLinVa2slDvYbeWXtj7YAvUg “The WHW Weekend allowed me to reconnect with my deeper feminine self and see myself with fresh eyes, free of the biases and standards that society imposes on women these days. It allowed me to [...]

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Better Sex Tonight, Awakening the Full Body Orgasm

Tantra uses sexual energy to expand awareness and experience ecstasy. It teaches people how to move their sexual energy from their genitals, up to the top of their head, and everywhere in between, allowing the entire physical and energetic body to become ecstatic. When the sexual energy reaches the crown it can expand a persons [...]

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Relaxing Tantric Healing Touch Video

This is a nice intro to Tantric Healing Touch.

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